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Santa Ana, CA


No more ridin' dirty.

Slick Products was a brand that fell under the umbrella of many brands I was able to visually build. This one, by far was the most badass. Shooting the GOAT Ricky Carmichael at his private track to UTVs in the middle of the desert, I was exposed to a whole new world. Running the visual aesthetic alongside co-founder Brian Wilkinson, we cooked up some really fun and exciting things across all marketing channels. This is just a snapshot of the the stuff we built.

For all your
dirty toys

The giveaway of all giveaways

Going to Ricky Carmichael's private track in Georgia was an experience I will never forget. He is essentially the Michael Jordan of dirt biking. Ricky is also now my favorite athlete because of how good of a dude he is. Here is the promo video for the giveaway to be able to visit his track to ride and hang out with him, which we got to do while filming.


Culture creators

Some shirt designs for Slick Products.