Los Angeles, CA


Shift your breath. Shift your life.

The guys at Shift come from a depth of wellness I did not know existed. Their attention to all parts of people's well being is pretty amazing. Starting with the thing that keeps us all going, our breath. They wanted a brand that omits performance and reliability. Things that their customers come to them for. The nuance in which we spoke about the ins and outs of the font selection, colors, etc. all came from a really educational brainstorm session. Most of the calls happened while they were hiking and I was eating a bowl of cereal. It really put things into perspective for me. 

There is power in the breaths we take. Use it.

The methods are many. The principles are few.

Founder, Brian MacKenzie's approach is based on a strong understanding of the fundamentals. Shift provides solid, scientific information that helps you understand the basics. These powerful tools can be used immediately and maintained for a lifetime.


They have a continued commitment to bringing you the best and latest practices in stress management, breathwork, and human performance.

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