Fresh Clean Threads




DTC Apparel


La Jolla, CA


Total Rebrand & IN-HOUSE Creative Direction

I walked in to the very early stages of a rebrand from Fresh Clean Tees to Fresh Clean Threads. May first assignment was to complete this name change and rebrand. It was way more intense and impactful for such a small change. The "Fresh Fam" are some of the most positive-minded people to work alongside. Accomplishing this rebrand was very motivating and fulfilling. Managing to rollout and maintain the new brand while creating a new creative processes was the battle here. Photo direction, brand voice, general visual aesthetic were the bulk of the work. Above all that, just a damn good product.


Make foundational apparel that helps our customers be at their best.

One of the main things I put into place was a consistent (and efficient) way to create product photos. Using a ghost mannequin base, I was able to create a coloring system using optical sensors to establish a color formula that allowed the digital and physical products to be consistent without actually having to shoot every product. Making product launches a breeze.

TV Spots

This was one of the more exciting projects to work on. I was able to bring in my buddies from OOPH to make these amazing commercials. They crushed it and I was just happy to be able to collaborate with them again from the brand side while they worked their magic as they always do from concept to delivery.