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DTC Baseball


Santa Ana, CA


My personal pride & joy.

I was lucky to be art of a company that acquired this brand. A one-man shop in Long Beach, California. Jon Brong build this business in his garage repurposing vintage baseball gloves into beautiful wallets. The only thing it needed was a strong brand foundation that could survive in a direct-to-consumer world. CEO, Andrew Faris and I built that brand. True baseball nuts with the ability to apply our skillsets to the product supporting the game we love. Man, I miss that brand.

The legacy is
in the leather

Storytellers are what we became.

Every product drop was accompanied by an entire campaign that shared a glimpse into some aspect of baseball's rich history. You will find evidence of that throughout this site as I feature each one indivifually due to the depth and bredth of each campaign. Here is the flagship product video, The Classics.


This game will bring tears to your eyes.

A program we worked on since day one of acquiring the brand is The Pastime Custom Program. This gave us the privilege of taking people's personal gloves and making family heirloom wallets out of them. Ray Cordova was the first recipient of this program so we had to document his reaction when we delivered a whole set of wallets for him and his kids made from his dad's baseball gloves. His dad had just recently passed away so you know how this video ends up. Grab some tissue. Great sport, great family, great story. Enjoy.