Bogey Bros Golf Co




DTC Golf


McKinney, TX


My personal pride & joy.

I was lucky to be art of a company that acquired this brand. A one-man shop in Long Beach, California. Jon Brong build this business in his garage repurposing vintage baseball gloves into beautiful wallets. The only thing it needed was a strong brand foundation that could survive in a direct-to-consumer world. CEO, Andrew Faris and I built that brand. True baseball nuts with the ability to apply our skillsets to the product supporting the game we love. Man, I miss that brand.

Play Bad.
Look good.

Storytellers are what we became.

Every product drop was accompanied by an entire campaign that shared a glimpse into some aspect of baseball's rich history. You will find evidence of that throughout this site as I feature each one indivifually due to the depth and bredth of each campaign. Here is the flagship product video, The Classics.