May 23, 2021 Robbie Aronson dirty work.

So, I just got back from Lake Havasu, Arizona. A city I am very familiar with. I spent many summers there wearing boardshorts, in a boat, on the lake. These things did not happen on this trip. Well, the boardshorts did because that is a staple in my wardrobe.

These things drive like golf carts.
But never call them golf carts!
Keith Hook – Owner & Founder, UTV Sports Magazine

One of the brands I am responsible for is Slick Products. Slick makes an amazing wash product for essentially any vehicle. A massive market for us in the UTV world. UTV stands for utility terrain vehicle. These things are awesome! We have a partner we work with occasionally called JamSpot Media. One of their publications is UTV Sports Magazine. They are based in Lake Havasu City and we headed out to shoot with them. I was the photographer for this trip and these guys did not disappoint.

Upon arrival I was glad to be just a passenger. I quickly did the math, 2 of them, 6 UTVs. I was driving one of these bad boys. I was told by the owner of the publication, Keith, that “These things drive like golf carts. But never call them golf carts!” That was music to my ears because if you know me, I’ve been known to golf.

Following them around the hills of Havasu was an amazing experience. I saw places I’d never seen before. We started around 5:00am and that sunrise just added a layer of magic to the whole trip.

Once we arrived back at the shop to wash the vehicles, we quickly realized our faces were caked with Havasu dirt. It was then I realized that aside from the obvious amount of dirt that went in my mouth, I had had a blast.

Here are some of the photos I was able to capture from that day.

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