Rollin Red

CMYK 0 92 100 0

RGB 237 459 35


White Hot

CMYK 0 0 0 0

RGB 250 250 250


Chili Charcoal

CMYK 69 62 61 54

RGB 56 56 56


Apparel Design

Rollin Colon Branding

Each June, Andy and Megan Gaume spend a Friday night at their home with their friends drinking beer and wine and making 6 gallons of Andy’s famous chili. The following day, that same group of people sets up a stand along the historic Main Street in Huntington Beach, California for the annual chili cookoff. Now, it may seem like overkill to brand a chili cookoff stand, but so what?

Andy’s chili, officially named Rollin’ Colon, is more of a family tradition dating back to Megan’s dad, who also competed in these cookoffs. The Gaumes have taken home Best Name almost every year, but their chili is often not given the appreciation it deserves. This ain’t your momma’s canned chili; this is the real deal.

As a close friend of Aronson Creative, Andy had the idea to brand the chili. Of course, we were happy to help.

If you’re ever in Huntington Beach for the cookoff, stop by the Rollin’ Colon booth, grab a sample and a koozie and give them your vote as it’s sure to be the best quality chili on the whole block.

Client: Andy Gaume, Founder of Rollin Colon Chili

Date Completed: May 2016

Location: Costa Mesa, CA