Drop Top Gray

CMYK 78 64 61 64

RGB 32 43 47



C-10 Slate

CMYK 73 59 54 37

RGB 32 43 47



Bagged Blue

CMYK 71 2 14 0

RGB 0 186 214



San Tan Red

CMYK 27 100 100 33

RGB 138 8 0



Alternate Logos

Apparel Design


React Suspension Branding

When these guys came to us looking for a brand identity that would stand out in the aftermarket automotive world, we knew that it wouldn’t be an easy task. For better or for worse, that world is littered with very visual people and the community of “car guys” exists for two reasons: speed/performance and design aesthetic. Each has a certain image that they’re trying to achieve, and they use their project car as their canvas. React Suspension makes suspension products for these people.

We wanted to give them a moderately conservative brand identity to appeal to the different car builder styles, but without compromising on attitude. We used the “A” in “REACT” to represent the products’ shock absorption and how radically it can move up or down while maintaining the integrity of the word (like the cars).

Client: React Suspension

Date Completed: March 2016

Location: Phoenix, Arizona