Pro Blue

CMYK 99 72 24 8

RGB 0 82 132



Pro Blue 2

CMYK 100 82 37 28

RGB 19 56 94




CMYK 35 15 0 85

RGB 44 56 72



Pro Performance was one of the first Brand+Aid clients. They came to us for a facelift of their logo they’d developed in-house. They wanted something that was a little more symbolic in the automotive world and more specifically in the street truck community. We brought this badge emblem with retro lettering to them. They were immediately onboard with the direction as it speaks directly to their desired customer.

Alternate Logos

Alternate Logos

Apparel Design


Pro Performance Branding

Based out of Arizona, the Pro Performance name has gained notoriety in the aftermarket street truck game, and they’ve become the Chevy C-10 experts in the United States. They wanted a more iconic image, so they went through our Brand+Aid program to improve on what they’d already built.

We redesigned their logo and created a strong infrastructure for how they can communicate their brand.

Client: Pro Performance

Date Completed: December 2013

Location: Phoenix, Arizona